Thomaï Serdari on Fine Arts & Luxury

We are all familiar with the history and gravitas of the Fabergé house. When the Fabergé family fled from France to Russia in the late seventeenth century to escape religious persecution they had not imagined what success would ensue the opening of the first jewelry store in St. Petersburg in 1842. Even though they had to face a revolution in 1917, this time in Communist Russia, the family held their assets until 1951, when they sold to the American Sam Rubin.

Over-licensing hurt the image of the brand in the second half of the twentieth century but the appeal of the luxury objects produced in the early days never lost favor with collectors in Europe and the US. Today, the brand is returning to its luxury pedigree under new leadership. The piece featured here is a 7.42-carat diamond and white gold Trelliage pendant necklace.

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