Thomaï Serdari on Fine Arts & Luxury
Brice Marden. Untitled. 2011. Courtesy of Matthew Marks Gallery.

Rather than the absolute drama of big sweeping statements, what Brice Marden offers with his 15 new paintings on marble is individuality, intimacy, familiarity, and desire. Desire primarily. Currently on view at Matthew Marks Gallery (at 526 West 22nd Street) Marden’s paintings are his second attempt at exploring the physical world as presented to him […]

Ferdinand Parpan. A Bronze Figure of an Elephant, 2000. Courtesy of Christie's.

Legend has it Henri Matisse spent endless hours sketching and re-sketching swans until he managed to reduce his design to the magnificent and most powerful graphic work, an etching, that is known today as The Swann (Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, 1931-1932). For the untrained eye it is hard to comprehend why abstraction takes so […]

Buccellati tray and pitcher

What names come to mind when thinking of art in the 1980s? Ellsworth Kelly? Brice Marden? Those memories are painted in vibrant color blocks, bold shapes, and an audacious dose of cynicism against American consumerism. In retrospect, the 1980s is when Minimalism took roots in its off-kilter, overindulgent punch. It faded out in the 1990s. […]

Cartier. Juste un clou. Courtesy of Cartier

The small exhibit on Aldo Cipullo’s designs for Cartier at Cartier’s legendary landmarked Fifth Avenue mansion puts several art museums to shame. Historical context, for the most part absent from major art exhibits and certainly from anything fashion/jewelry related (see my review of “Van Cleef & Arpels: Set in Style”) is adeptly woven in the narrative […]

View of the exhibit "Mind's Eye" at Hermès

What does Rome have to do with contemporary art and contemporary photography in particular? The “Matt Ducklo and Matthew Monteith: Mind’s Eye” exhibit at the Gallery at Hermès reveals the intricate and highly personal relationships that the viewer develops with the artwork. It also reveals the importance of classical education for both contemporary artists. Matt […]