Thomaï Serdari on Fine Arts & Luxury
Parviz Tanavoli. Heech in a Cage. ca. 1970. Courtesy of the Grey Art Gallery.

A heavy bronze sculpture rested on my windowsill, perched over Washington Square Park for about ten years. “Heech in a Cage” by Iranian artist Parviz Tanavoli (b. 1937) was on loan to NYU’ s Department of Art History from the Grey Art Gallery, two academic departments that benefited from Abby Weed Grey’s generosity and artistic […]

Joself Albers, Homage to the Square. Courtesy of The Morgan Library.

Side by side comparisons, also known as “compare and contrast,” are the go-to tool of art historians. It’s a fail-safe method that brings out the most fine of subtleties in works that at first glance have nothing in common. What is one to do with about 60 sketches of oil on paper by Josef Albers […]

Louis I. Kahn. Esherick House, 1959-1961. Courtesy of Wright Auctions.

The inventory of modern architecture, especially housing, reads like a prescription for physical therapy. It is often dry, cold, and uninspiring—even worse, it can be confusing and off-putting like a drill that your therapist trusts will make you feel better and fully functional. You totally understand the mechanics on a purely abstract level and yet […]