Thomaï Serdari on Fine Arts & Luxury
Depiction of a cabinet of curiosities on a print.

Is the epicenter of contemporary artistic creation shifting? New York City, a place of eternal social, creative, and urban renewal, seems to be losing its edge. Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum boasts a vast collection of Sculpture and Decorative Arts, one that evolved from a cabinet of curiosities annexed to the National Treasury to a modern museum […]

Glashutte Original movement. Courtesy of Glashutte.

Systematic collecting of art and decorative objects seems quite old-fashioned today, especially when juxtaposed to our inherently spatially-challenged urban existence. Add to that the transitory character of our relationship to countries, cities, or even neighborhoods—all deriving from ambitious travel schedules and constant relocating imposed by work demands—and it appears that building a collection befits only […]

Artisan working on a Saint-Louis crystal set by Hermès. © Thomaï Serdari

Known to have operated since at least 1586, and continuously in production since the late 18th century, the crystal manufacture of Saint-Louis in France is still one of the most prominent in the world. The tradition of crafting crystal into exquisite objects that both serve a function and appeal to the senses is maintained and […]

Courtesy of the Syndicat National des Antiquaires

From museum-quality paintings to precious objets d’art, the Biennale des Antiquaires continues to offer masterpieces to an international pool of collectors. Open from September 14 through 23, the Biennale is housed at the Grand Palais. The legendary iron-and-glass Parisian structure is getting a special treatment this year under the direction of designer Karl Lagerfeld who […]