Thomaï Serdari on Fine Arts & Luxury
Sculpture. Courtesy of Antony Gormley.

Antony Gormley, a British artist whose work is currently on view at the new Sean Kelly Gallery on Tenth Avenue, creates through contradictions. He usually juxtaposes the monumental to the intimate, the complete to the fragmentary, the massive to the mobile. Gormley’ s production, which spans a career of about 40 years, is centered in […]

Lapis Lazuli Desk Box. Courtesy of A La Vielle Russie, New York.

The infinite, the mysterious, and the inaccessible have always fascinated us. When combined with the clarity and beauty of a deep blue sky they provoke feelings of awe and desire. At least, that’s what we learn about the color blue specifically and the origins of our enthrallment with it in an article by Natalie Angier in […]

Galerie Girardon. Courtesy of Christie's.

Henri Mattise, one of the initial fauve painters, collected photographs of erotica. Pablo Picasso, perhaps the most famous artist of the twentieth century, collected African art. Herb Ritts, self-taught fashion photographer, began collecting photographs as he discovered his own proclivity for the camera. Is collecting a pastime to be associated with masters of modern art? […]

Cameos from Catherine the Great collection.

  Even the mundane appears fascinating in large numbers. Think of collections of candy wrappers, coca cola bottles, or ticket stubs. Awe-inspiring and overwhelming, large collections speak of power. When the exotic or artistic is substituted for the mundane, the power of the collection increases exponentially. This Catherine the Great knew well. An avid reader […]