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Koppel Pitcher
Koppel Pitcher 992. Courtesy of Georg Jensen

Koppel Pitcher 992. Courtesy of Georg Jensen

The beauty of the Koppel Pitcher for Georg Jensen stems from its simplicity. A single leaf of silver turned into this hollow silver container speaks mainly to those familiar with the complexities of silversmithing. This particular design, the achievement of Danish designer Henning Koppel (1918-1981), was introduced in 1952. It reduces the essence of the pitcher’s function to its unique profile and alludes to the balance found in nature. In the Koppel Pitcher, beauty is the clear expression of its function.

To fully appreciate this object implies a cultural understanding of post-War II design and respect for craft. Timelessness is here expressed as the absence of superfluity, particularly decorative superfluity, and the complete union of function with beauty.

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