Thomaï Serdari on Fine Arts & Luxury
View of "Alaïa" at the Palais Galliera, Paris.

The re-opening of the Musée de la Mode de Paris, also known as Palais Galliera, has created much anticipation for two reasons. The building itself, a Beaux Arts edifice completed in 1894, had been in need of major restoration. As for the mission of the organization, it too required a major revisiting to question what, […]

Buccellati tray and pitcher

What names come to mind when thinking of art in the 1980s? Ellsworth Kelly? Brice Marden? Those memories are painted in vibrant color blocks, bold shapes, and an audacious dose of cynicism against American consumerism. In retrospect, the 1980s is when Minimalism took roots in its off-kilter, overindulgent punch. It faded out in the 1990s. […]